2015-06-13: Three new cars added: Citroen GT, Jaguar XJR-15, Alfa Romeo 145

2015-06-04: Three new cars added: Renault Clio Sport V6, Peugeot 306 GTi-6, Lotus Elan '90

2015-01-31: This hasn't been updated in years. I have removed all of my Need for Speed conversions from the site. I also had to update the links for the cars (that remain) and tracks as RVZT has now become RVZ. I've also added some more cars - cars that I have released in the past two years:

Jensen Interceptor, Cusco Impreza, Mazda 323 GT-R, Lexus GS400, Fiat 500 Sporting, Subaru 360, Autozam AZ-1, Dacia Duster

2012-06-03: New car added - Momo Corse Apex MR2.

2012-05-29: New car added - Wedssport Celica.

2012-05-28: New car added - BP Apex Kraft Trueno.

2012-05-21: New car added - Ford Deluxe.

2012-03-16: New car added - Honda S2000 GT1.

2012-03-02: I didn't update this site in a while. A new car has been added - Kalier.

2011-08-27: Added a new car - Kure R33 GT. Expect it to be on RVZT within a few days.

2011-08-26: Website created, added cars and tracks.

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